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Who we are

AI Hardware & Systems is dedicated to give a platform for start-ups and incumbents to showcase new technology and products in multiple fields of expertise. We create influential industry networks and bring audiences together through intensively researched conference programmes delivering unmissable business intelligence and opportunity to the market. We help our clients set and reset their business destinations, charting their own courses.

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Addressing Critical Industry Needs

Step into a world of opportunity with the AI Hardware & Systems Series. Throughout the year, we offer numerous engagement opportunities for our vibrant community to unite and address your most pressing needs. 

  • I’m a start-up (eg Silicon, IP, memory solutions, software platform etc) and I’m looking for help with go to market strategy

    We have helped dozens of start-ups launch product and gain traction right out of the box. Start-ups such as Habana,, EdgeCortix, Cerebras and Enfabrica among others, have used our events and marketing solutions to show first silicon, launch product, access investment and meet customers

    Our AI HW community is made up of 50,000+ global contacts, so we can connect you to technical partners, peers, investors, press & analysts and ultimately customers on a 365 basis

    In person events such as the AI Hardware Summit place you on the same stage as industry bellwethers like MSFT, Google, AMD and Intel

    Our marketing solutions can give you year round visibility.

  • Where can I find the latest view on holistic systems design and both hardware and software tools and techniques for training, deploying and serving machine learning?

    The increasing size and demands of of AI/ML models means all elements of the system must be both highly performant and highly efficient.

    The AI Hardware Summits in US and EU places a spotlight on how HW and SW work together to drive time to value and how to make running AI faster, more affordable and more efficient

    Come and meet with hundreds of industry experts who are perfecting solutions for these problems.

  • What role will software play in the successful implementation of novel hardware optimised for AI workloads?

    As an Enterprise company debating the use of a Gen AI model, there multiple areas to consider. Pre-training vs fine tuning your model, data sovreignity, infrastructure requirements and whether you should run on-prem or in the cloud.

    Sign up for our Enterprise Generative AI Summit to meet peers and providers who are making Gen AI work

    Regular webinars and virtual meet ups give you access to the latest case studies and benchmarks on how industry is currently deploying and optimising Gen AI models

  • How do I assess what is required for building and deploying a Generative AI model for my business?

    As an Enterprise company debating the use of a Gen AI model, there multiple areas to consider. Pre-training vs fine tuning your model, data sovreignity, infrastructure requirements and whether you should run on-prem or in the cloud.

    Sign up for our Enterprise Generative AI Summit to meet peers and providers who are making Gen AI work

    Regular webinars and virtual meet ups give you access to the latest case studies and benchmarks on how industry is currently deploying and optimising Gen AI models

  • How do I find Enterprise companies who are looking for solutions to help deploy AI?

    Almost every major multinational is focused on some sort of AI. In many cases both server-based and edge AI. Many are still figuring out how to apply AI to their businesses and building out data science teams.

    However, the early adopters (often those with large and highly sensitive data sets) are looking for solutions to drive down costs and drive up efficiency, performance and ease of running AI. Those are the companies that are engaging with our Community

    At the AI Hardware Summit, over 30% of our audience is from Enterprise from all verticals (BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Auto, Retail etc) and both the business leaders as well as the in house technologists come to our events to assess and adopt new technology.

    Our marketing solutions can connect you with an Enterprise audience all year round and our Summits give you in person access.

AI Hardware & Systems Calendar

Unlock a world of possibilities in 2024 with our extensive lineup of community offerings. Our calendar is brimming with a rich array of opportunities designed to address your critical needs comprehensively. Dive into our engaging webinars, where industry experts share their insights and knowledge. Stay informed and inspired with our thoughtfully curated newsletters, delivering the latest updates directly to your inbox. And for those who value in-person connections, we invite you to join us at our exclusive events and summits, where you can network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights.

Who You Will Meet

  • Tech Ecosystem

    Our hardware and systems vendors are at the heart of our events and online global community. Whether it's connecting the tech ecosystem to new clients, or positioning them as market leaders, we work closely with them to meet their objectives. 


    Past Tech Vendor Attendees Included

    What our attendees say

    I always love coming to this event because you see so many of the same folks from years before. It is a great event to reconnect, meet new people and listen to great speakers share their AI findings and visions. Marketing Manager, AMD

    The AI Hardware Summit is the preeminent event for major AI Accelerator companies.  This event was attended by both competing vendors and buyers alike. Sr Director Business Development, Tenstorrent

    The best part of this event is that you have all the AI hardware companies there and their potential customers are giving presentations on what their requirements are and what they see happening for AI use cases in the next 5 years. Senior Principal NPU Architect, SAPEON

    Tech Ecosystem Critical Needs

    From hardware to systems, we nurture relationships with our tech ecosytem community to ensure their business goals and objectives are met yearly. 

  • Enterprise End Users/Research Institutions

    Past Enterprise Attendees Included...

    We are committed to bringing together a community of enterprise end-users spanning industries such as automotive, retail, BFSI, manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare and more.
    What our attendees say

    Amazing participation from many of the key players in the AI industry. Very informative presentations. Great opportunity to connect with companies at vendor booths and create opportunities for collaboration. Senior Software Engineer, Volkswagen

    Attending the AI Hardware and edge AI Conference was an eye-opening experience that exceeded my expectations. It seamlessly blended technology with environmental concern. The focus on compute efficiency was impressive, with a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of AI systems. The event provided excellent networking opportunities, fostering inclusive and collaborative discussions. I connected with experts from diverse backgrounds, generating valuable insights. The conference showcased the intersection of technology, environmental concern, and human connections. I'm inspired to make a positive impact in AI while prioritizing sustainability. Looking forward to future editions! Architect, lululemon

    Enterprise Critical Needs

    Our aim is to support enterprises in their journey into deploying faster, more affordable and more efficient AI. 

  • Investors

    Investors from across the globe engage with our events to gain new market insights and network with our audience with the aim to foster potential partnerships and identify new opportunities for investment. 


    Past Investor Attendees Included...

  • Press

    Whether it's pre-event articles of our events, or onsite coverage sharing the latest from our speakers and sponsors, we work with a wide range of press outlets, globally. 


    Past Press Attendees Included...

Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Study

NeuChips Webinar Case Study

Kisaco Research crafted a robust marketing plan, integrating email campaigns, social media, and partnerships. Engaging visuals and compelling content showcased NeuChips' unique value proposition.

Strategic Partners

From the market leading AI, Hardware, Software and Chip Companies to the most well respected CTOs, Founders, Presidents, AI Scientists and Researchers, our Strategic Partners continue to play a pivotal role in how we help shape the future of AI Hardware Systems.


Meet our network of talented thought leaders that help transform our events into industry-leading summits.

Partnership Opportunities

The AI Hardware & Systems portfolio is your global, multi-channel partner to reach, engage and interact with the most influential and important stakeholders in the world of high tech.

With a solution to hit every objective, our high-level annual summits, bespoke introductions, reports, webinars and content-driven marketing offer multiple ways engage your target market and can form an integral part of your annual marketing plan.
At Kisaco, we also know that in a sector that develops and progresses quicker than most, you need different solutions at different times of the year, so our packages can be built to order to fit in with your current plans.

Product launch? – If you need to bring a new product to market, you’ll need air time to make announcements, synchronized marketing and PR announcements to leverage our audiences and media partnerships, as well as access to client accounts to build sales pipelines. We can help!

Need to drive leads? Our summits offer best-in-class networking opportunities, giving you access to decision makers to arrange meetings, while our bespoke webinars offer up a chance to get hundreds of leads in one single activity.

Want thought leadership? Showcase your expertise by presenting on market-leading programs (US English) alongside luminaries like John Hennessey, David Patterson, Vinod Khosla and Lip-Bu Tan.

Need investment? – Regardless of where you are in your fund-raising journey, we have can help give you the visibility and platform you need to put you in the eyeline of the investor.

Talk to us today to see how we can give you access to the decision makers you need and look at a short, mid or long term marketing plan. E: [email protected]

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